A Songwriter's Secret Life

Everything happens for a reason.

Feeling touched and inspired…

My mind is still blown by how much the Babes4Breasts group has done for our families and communities… They’ve inspired me to write this song.

Please visit http://bit.ly/SjKdbY to vote and my local mall will donate $5 to our Regional Cancer Foundation.

Thanks so much…

*In memory of Me Mere….


Today is the DAY!

The show airs TONIGHT on CMT Canada at 7 pm ET! So excited (and nervous that I totally messed up haha jk)!

I wanted to have an original up for everyone. It’s far from perfect, but it’s me (with a somewhat raspy voice in the morning!)

It’s called ‘Just Be You’ 🙂

DON’T FORGET!! You can start ‘liking’ your favourite artist as soon as the show starts! Have your laptops/cellphones/ipads READY!!!

My most recent cover :3

I love Miranda Lambert and her voice… she’s fantastic! Did a cover of one of her songs based on a friend’s suggestion 🙂 Decided to do ‘Over You’—reminded me of my grand-mother who passed a few years back. Miss you Memere xo

My first public video… eek!

Super shy about this first video… :3 It’s a cover of one of my fave Taylor songs called Tim McGraw

Here’s my little secret.