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Be A Babe Contest!

I’m sure you’ve heard me say this a million times, but SERIOUSLY. Everything happens for a reason. When I performed at Crazy Horse to raise money for the Canadian Women’s Foundation, I made a personal pledge to always find a way to support a good cause when performing. When you have an opportunity to reach out to so many people, to me, it makes sense to use that opportunity to raise awareness and support a cause.

So I was shopping for my little brother’s 7th birthday gift (and I mean 7th as in age, not as in gift quantity… lol!) at the St Laurent Centre in Ottawa… it had the closest Toys R’ Us to where we were headed, otherwise we probably wouldn’t have stopped. Walking through the mall, I saw a sign for a contest called “Be A Babe”.

I passed by, took a double-take, took a step back… it was a contest to support breast cancer and the Ottawa Regional Cancer foundation! You submit a video and for each vote you get, the mall donates $5 to the charity! The top 10 get to compete for a slot to perform at the Babes4Breasts concert!

…oh and the grand prize winner gets a $500 gift card for the mall. … 😀

Whether or not I win, I hope to collect as much as I can for this amazing cause! I encourage all artists in the region to participate!! You have until September 30th to submit your audition!

Voting begins October 1st!



😀 😀 😀


‘Like’ your fave artist!

‘Like’ your fave artist!

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