I have tried many things… writing novels, illustrating, painting, being on the receiving end of a hysterical speech about credit cards and interest rates, but the one thing I always come back to is writing songs. Songs about boys, girls, family, challenges and learnings in life in general… As it is for so many others out there, it’s my vice. But my real name isn’t really Katt. It’s an alias I use for my songwriting. She is my “Sasha-Fierce”; my other half that is confident in her abilities and whose mind is always off thinking about a new tune or lyric. Those who know me don’t really know Katt… I keep her tucked away, afraid of ridicule. Why? I couldn’t tell ya. Is it because I’m waiting for some sort of acknowledgement or acceptance of my so called “talent”? Probably. Am I ashamed of that? A little. But either way, Katt still has to get a word in somewhere. So here she is, writing a blog for anyone willing to listen. Here is my secret life as a songwriter.


P.S. All lyrics and content of my blog posts are copywrite @ S.K Grant. Even if they suck, they’re mine 🙂

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