Best friends are all like this, right?

by Shauna Denis


No matter what you go through, whether it be…

…a fight with a sibling

…a bad day at work

…having a bad sandwich

…your best friend will always be the one to help you get through it better than anyone else. Best friends have a magical way of making solutions seem so obvious. Kinda like one of those high school moments where you realize, “Oh, so you mean he won’t like me more if I look him up in the phone book and call him pretending I’m a telemarketer?” 

Just saying—that never happened. *Ahem* moving on.

You also get to tell them about the great times like…

…passing your driver’s test (miracles happen)

…successfully cooking an entire meal for more than one person (without killing anyone :3)

…throwing a crumpled up piece of paper into the garbage on the first try (after 3 practice shots)

…and they get just as excited about it as you do.

Best friends are awesome.


All best friends are like this, right? Or am I just really lucky? :3