Off to Winnipeg!

I am a Store Manager in retail. I absolutely love it. It’s a lot of fun but also keeps up with my constant desire for a new challenge. I get to train and coach my people, work with women (and the odd man) who need some great new clothes, and use fun colours and stickers to organise and decorate my desk space… :3.

As I have been a manager for over a year now, I get to fly out to home office for orientation (yayz!). I leave tonight at around 5 pm, bring my nicest work outfits, wear my fancy shoes. I’m psyched! My co-worker–who we’ll call Amber–is bunking with me. She’s awesome. I’ve always envied how assertive she is. It’s something I’ve been working SO hard on, and she seems to do it without a sweat. I’ve learned a lot from her though since I’ve started working for the company and I know that her and I balance each other out really well.

Unfortunately, I have to leave my wonderful husband and two dogs for a week (sadface). My husband is literally my best friend. We can talk about anything. I can dance like a fool to Super Bass in the kitchen while cooking dinner and he doesn’t judge me. Match made in heaven? Umm yes!

He knows about my songwriting. I forced myself to tell him about it last year. He was surprised. I had never said anything about it before and I tend to go through phases where I’m really into something then totally drop it (like illustration, for example). I can understand how he initially thought it was a phase and that I was looking for attention. He just didn’t get that I’d been writing songs since I was 8; I still look through my old journals and find little poems and lyrics about life’s troubles. Some were cute, others atrocious (lol). Did I show him my journals? Hellz no. 12 year old me would not be cool with showing any boy my journals. I respected that. So I didn’t really have any proof of my passion.

Husband was afraid that I’d completely drop my entire life to pursue my rekindled love for singing and songwriting, and that I’d run off with a band never to return. What did I take from that? OMGZ REALLY? You think a band would pick me up??? I took it as a compliment! But no, I wouldn’t. Not out of no where anyway. I’d love to be eventually recognised by the industry, maybe make a career of it,  but home would always be home.

I woke up with some lyrics on the brain, hence why I had to rush to get up (at 6 am…say whatttt) and type them out. But husband will be waking up soon so I won’t neglect him 😛

The lyrics stuck in my brain were:

“When all else fails, just be you, because that’s who you are.”

Oh the irony.